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2nd July 2022 

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ASPIRE Autism Training

Aspire Courses
Aspire courses are designed to provide and enhance awareness and provide an understanding of Autistic Spectrum conditions; exploring social behaviour, communication, cognitive differences, sensory issues and related conditions such as ADHD and the impact of these conditions on mental health. Aspire courses are suitable for parents, partners, educators, mental health professions, human resources professionals.

In addition to this we also offer targeted courses to Counsellors and Psychotherapists to help provide a range of tools and strategies, and explore alternative ways of working with people on the Autistic Spectrum enabling therapists to work more confidently with this client group.

Tailoring Courses
We also provide in-house training packages to the NHS, Care Services, Counselling Agencies, Employers, Schools, Universities & Colleges, tailoring the courses to meet an organisations specific needs, please contact either of us if you wish to discuss.

**** For further information about training courses, content, schedule and Booking Form please follow the link to Aspire Autism Consultancy ****

Delegate feedback from previous Aspire Autism Training courses 
“Hearing personal contributions from young people and adults with Aspergers made it much more relevant and helped me to understand things from their perspective.  It’s easy to know the theory but these very ‘real’ examples shared by people who are directly affected by autism, gave me insight into their world, which I could not have gained otherwise.  Thank you all – this was a productive use of my Saturday”. 
Headteacher & Parent of a child with ASC 
“A brilliant introduction to High Functioning Autism – really insightful.  Essential training for anyone living or working with people on the spectrum.  Having a panel of people with autistic spectrum conditions was genius and an absolute privilege”. 
Integrative Psychotherapist 

“Having first-hand accounts from both those who have Autism and those who work or live alongside people who have ASCs is incredibly illuminating.  Thank you”. 
Secondary School Teacher 

“Lots and lots of valuable information.  The course has helped me hang a lot of my ‘lived’ experiences onto theories etc.  I have had a lot of ‘lightbulb moments’ during today’s training and plenty to process.  The handouts of the presentation will be a good resource as there was so much to take in”. 
Psychotherapist & Mother to a wonderful son with Aspergers 

“I had little knowledge of Autism and this course has been beneficial in giving me a better insight into the feelings, emotions and behaviours of people on the autistic spectrum”. 

“I have worked in FE for 13 years and can honestly say this was the most interesting, informative and enjoyable CPD session I have ever done!  The trainers’ knowledge and personal experiences were conveyed in an easy to understand manner.  In my opinion this was invaluable training for me, both professionally as a lecturer and personally as a parent of a child who has a neurological disorder”.
Lecturer & Parent 

 “Would it be possible for you to provide this training in schools and colleges as I believe it is essential training for educators?”.
Lecturer & Coaching Tutor at a College of Further Education 

“Very comprehensive training … it should be delivered within the NHS”. 
Autism Therapist, Trainer & Mentor 

“I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been covered and have really enjoyed this training day. Thank you, Ruth and Deborah for sharing all you know and have experienced, not just as therapists but parents too”. 

“I feel the training and offering an opportunity for people to learn how people on the ASD spectrum benefit society. There definitely should be more training like this”.

“Two warm and personable presenters prepared to share personal stories. Appreciate the other members of the panel too, thank you all".

Aspergers Counselling Yorkshire, Aspergers Specialist Yorkshire, Autistic Spectrum Yorkshire, Aspergers Yorkshire, ASD Yorkshire, Counselling Huddersfield, Counselling Halifax, psychotherapy